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Jul 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
: >> reporter: rupert murdoch facing a grilling by politicians and there's a new twist to the hacking scandal. we'll have the latest, coming up. >>> good morning, i'm andrea fujii. more allocations of cheating. this time, not in city schools, but with the people training to save lives. >>> good morning, i'm kristy breslin in traffic control. we have congestion on 95 southbound and a new accident in pasadena. we'll have all of the details. >> good morning, it's a warm start of the day. we'll have the forecast coming up. >>> he's in howard county and now, in "transformers." we'll find out how he ended up in the movies, on tv and on the internet. that's when the eyewitness news morning edition continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [captioner lost audio] >> reporter: state agencies found that several cadets had taken the state licensing test ahead of time. >> one of the state examiners found a test, it was supposed to be a confidential test in the open. from there, there was an investigation launched >> reporter: the fire chef said he didn't know if the students or the public training facility ar
Jul 28, 2011 6:00am EDT
into the rupert murdoch hacking scandal. he'll meet with the family members of 9/11 victims. the british tabloid was shutdown. >>> on capitol hill, the house is set to vote on a plan. john boehner's plan would increase the borrowing limit and slash spending. if passed, the democrats would reject it. >>> if you fly, you may be eligible for a refund. those who paid taxes on tickets shouldn't have to. the government is asking airlines to refund the tax fees. >> cell phones, are they safe for children? kai jackson explains a new study and some aren't convinced. >> reporter: they're popular with adults and now, a growing number of kids use them. mobile phones are big business, but the safety is questionable. now, it's said that using a cell phone for a few years doesn't raise the child's risk of brain cancer. >> i like to call my mom and text my friends. >> reporter: swedish researchers looked at brain cancer patients and they weren't more likely to be cell phone users. >> i'm more concerned about the stuff i'm breathing in in the city rather than my cell phone. >> reporter: the study
Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
the case as well. >>> and rupert murdoch purchased a full page advertisement apologizing for a hacking. >>> the two men in the robocalls scandal will be in court today. they both worked on the campaign of ehrlich. ehrlich isn't accused of wrong doing >>> the former owner of the senator theatre is not allowed near the property. he's seen here losing his cool last month. he's accused of assaulting staff members on the opening night of the "harry potter" movie. >>> the baltimore based site "coupons" is going to expand for washington, d.c.. they donate a portion of sales to charity. believe it or not, the orioles have a two game win streak as the red sox came tonight. the bird's bats came to life. the orioles beat the indians, 8- 3 yesterday afternoon, winning two in a row for the first time since june 20th. >>> if you came down to help the maryland food bank, we want to thank you. this is for the benefit of the maryland food bank. this is part of the continuing communitiy commitment. >>> japan was the first asian nation to win the world cup. here's the report from frankfort, germany. >>>
Jul 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
the spill. >>> media mogul rupert murdoch is back in the united states dealing with fallout from the phone hacking scandal in the united kingdom. >> reporter: british lawmakers took aim at the prime minister in a heated debate over the phone scandal. >> you live and you learn. believe you me, i have learned. >> reporter: cameron is taking heat for hiring the former communications chief. he was editor at "news of the world" when journalists hacked into the voice mail of politicses and victims. >> it's about all the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored oar are now that coal son has been arrested, the prime minister sund more pressure to distance himself from the scandal. the questions are being asked about the friends he keeps. >> reporter: cameron met with news corp. executives and denies his staff tried to stop an investigation. he laughs off suggestions he coz decide up to rebekah brooks. >> i've never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> some house of common meme beers accused them of block a criminal investigation. >>> the president says he will
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4